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Sorcerer's Isle is the software development outlet of - it is where I provide programming tools which make it easier for both myself and others to create software.

The software here is updated in response to specific needs, and so is not released at regular intervals. If there is a particular fix you need or some piece of software you want created, please do get in touch to discuss things further.

Privacy Policy

This site respects your privacy and will not track you or sell your data in any way.

There are no third-party resources; no adverts or promoted content; no cookies are set.

JavaScript is not used, except for demos (see below). In the event of any scripting being added it will remain an optional enhancement, with all scripts being hosted locally and unobfuscated.

The documentation section - hosted under the domain - provides working examples of the functionality of JavaScript libraries on this site. These demos use the scripts they are demonstrating, with relevant configuration, but nothing else.


This site is powered by a simple website framework, and gratefully makes use of the following Free and Open Source software:

The code section is powered by Git Frit repository viewer, which will be released under a GPL license in due course.